A little about us

Before it becomes all about you!

In this age of harrowing hustle, methodical monotony and constant keeping up, it becomes easy to let your years pass you by. The difference between merely ‘existing’ and actually ‘living’ comes through one thing only: the ability to dream! If you have come to this page, you are pretty much there. So we figured, if someone can dream it, why not make it true?

Uberdreams, true to its name, aims to do just that! We are the new-age Genie in the lamp: all you have to do is make a wish! Whether you are a bunch of friends, a family of four, or simply looking to treat yourself, we are the ones who get the good-stuff rolling in. You imagine, we make it happen.

Here’s how we do this: through an existing range of carefully curated experiences, we allow you to pick. A dinner date with your favorite celebrity? A trekking adventure for the whole family? A long drive in luxury? Gifting a friend their life-long dream? There are endless possibilities, and we create more everyday! We even go a step ahead by crafting custom-made wishes especially for you, all you have to do is ask. To put it simply we are the Fairy-Godmother to your Cinderella, without the twelve o’clock deadline!!

The Uber dreams team is a bunch of people with an extra-ordinary vision: to spread some well-earned smiles. And then go right ahead and spread some more! Through our tight camaraderie we ensure that your happiness is warmly shared.

Our motivation springs from making you realize that the sky is no longer the limit. From making you have faith in your dreams. From making you believe in magic. They say that the world is not a wish-granting factory. Well, maybe it is.