Professional courses - sound engineering (term course)

Quick Overview

The Pro Audio curriculum has been designed to provide comprehensive training and education in three industries in Pro Sound – Studio Engineering, Live Sound Reinforcement and Post Production!

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Valid For: Individual
Location: Mumbai
True School provides the Studio Sound course that is designed to train students in the science and art of Music Recording & Mixing. Students learn fundamentally important audio concepts such as Acoustics, multi tracking, music editing & mixing.

The Live Sound course teaches the students in technologies relevant to Live Sound production such as Live Sound stage setup, live sound console technology, monitor mixing etc.

The Sound Design program trains the student in postproduction tasks such as Automated Dialogue Replacement, Foley Recording and Sound designing and Final Mix.

Our international faculty provides you a world class learning experience by delivering a balanced curriculum in our state of the art facilities. Students are immersed in real world production situations through the numerous projects as part of the program.

NOTE: Please select the appropriate "Studio Sound Course" you wish to partake; 'Studio Sound', 'Live Sound' or 'Sound Design'..
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