The zipline adventure at rishikesh, uttarakhand

Quick Overview

Embrace adventure and rejuvenate as you fly across beautiful sceneries! Fly high and experience the unbelievable views of the Himalayan foothills, in this thrilling zip wire adventure by Uber Dreams. To know more, click on the “Enquire Now” option below or call us on +91 8080 540000.

1399 /-
Valid For: Individual
Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

This is the newest addition to our family. A truly unique adventure experience, our Rishikesh zip tour features two sensational ziplines up to 400m long that catapult you across the white water rapids at Shivpuri, with unbelievable views of the Himalayan foothills, the mighty Ganga and the rafting crews 70 metres below. The only zip lines across the River Ganges! 

The price mentioned is ONLY for the mentioned Experience and does not include travel, accomodation or any other benefit. The Experience will be conducted at the below locations at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:
1. White Water Flyer (400m) - Glide downstream over the rapids of The Ganges. Constructing this zip wire was the biggest challenge yet, but it was totally worth it! Put Simply, this zipline is regarded by many as one of the most spectacular and iconic zip wires in the world!
2. High Times (350m): This zipline flies you home at high speeds, while being 70m (230ft) above the river! Looking down at rafts the sizes of match boxes is sure to take your breath away!!

Details of the Experience:

People suitable for Ziplinig:

1. Anyone above the age of 10 years.
2. The minimum height should be 4'7" (relatively 1.4m).
3. The individual should be under 115 kgs, with a waist measurement of 43" or less (relatively 110cm).

What to Wear:

You will need to wear T-shirts and full pants (No sarees/skirts), shoes (please avoid chappals) and a cap, if you wish. You may also want to carry sunscreen, sun-glasses, snacks & a water bottle and a Camera to take pictures!

Safety Measures:

1. Children are very allowed to Zipline, however they will need adult supervision for their own safety.
2. For Adult can supervise a gourp of 11 children between the ages of 10-15 year olds.
3. All minors, aged between 10-17 years old, must obtain a signed 'Risk Acknowledgement & Disclaimer form' stating a written permission of their parent or guardian in order to participate in the Experience.
4. For safety reasons, spectators are not permitted on the hillside on which the activities take place. We suggest that you watch your friends and family zip line from the comfortable surroundings, outside the activity area.

Medical Conditions:

1.The zip lining Experience is fairly physically demanding and requires a degree of agility, strength and stamina. We recommend participants with heart ailment and epilepsy to consult medical advice before doing this Experience.
2. Due to the physical nature of the zip tour, pregnant women cannot take part in this Experience.
3. Please avoid zip lining immediately after taking food. Leave at least 1-2 hours gap so that you enjoy flying thoroughly.

1. Once the order is placed, the Uber Dreams concierge would get in touch with the customer and receive the date as per customer’s choice.
2. The Uber Dreams Concierge would check the availability of that date with the partner.
3. If available, Uber Dreams Concierge will confirm the same to the customer and generate a booking voucher.
4. The same needs to be presented to the Uber Dreams partner who will provide the experience on the date of service delivery.
5. If not available, the customer can select any alternate date for carrying out the Experience.
1. Since zip lining is a weather dependent sport and hence if weather isn’t right, Uber Dreams will reschedule the event and will ensure customer gets the best flying experience according to his/her availability.
2. If your Experience cannot be accommodated on the same day, the Customer will be provided with a gift voucher of the same amount so they can book the same Experience on a more convenient date.
3. Alternative, if the Customer wishes, they will be provided with a full refund.
4. Customer would be charged 25% of the value as a cancellation fee if the order is cancelled before 7 days from the date of the Experience.
5. Customer would be charged 50% of the value as a cancellation fee if the order is cancelled between 7 to 3 days (both inclusive) from the date of the Experience.
6. No refunds would be provided for cancellation made less than 3 days from the date of the Experience.