The simple guide to all things Uber Dreams

  • 01

    Browse our Uber experiences: We have some great offers up for grabs! Have a look at the dream shelf.
  • 02

    Click “Buy Now” or “Add to cart” to get a step closer to making an experience your own.
  • 03

    Once your favorite experience is added to the cart, proceed to check-out.
  • 04

    You will be asked to either sign-up or sign-in at this point, bear with us!
  • 05

    Enter delivery address details, we must know where you live!
  • 06

    Select your preferred mode of payment.
  • 07

    Either select a charity of your choice, or spread cheer by making a small ten rupees payment!
  • 08

    View your order summary, make sure we got it right.
  • 09

    Complete the process by making the payment via the selected payment method.
  • 10

    You are sure to receive the confirmation of your order by e-mail.Congratulations! Your dream is all set to come true.
  • 01

    Browse our Uber Auctions, decide what you want!
  • 02

    For each item in the auction, you will be shown the following:


    Reserve Price: It is the lowest acceptable bid amount, or the minimum price at which the auction will be closed.


    Current Bid Price: The leading bid amount at that particular instant of time.


    Next Bid Price: The minimum price required to win over the current bid.


    Auction Time: The time left for the auction to come to a close.
  • 03

    If you decide to participate in the bidding, you will need to up the ‘Current Bid Price’. Here’s how you can do it:


    Click ‘Next Bid Price’ to grab the minimum price required for bidding next OR enter a value greater than ‘Next Bid Price’.


    You will be prompted to either sign-up or sign-in before proceeding.


    If another user makes a bid higher than yours, we will send an e-mail and SMS to let you know.


    Once the Auction Time ends, if you are the winning bidder, we will congratulate you through e-mail and SMS. Our concierge will also assist in making the required payment for the auction.


    If you win a particular auction, Uber Dreams will donate 10-100% of the winning bid to a charity of your choice.